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   Do-It-Yourself Fences

1 -- Terminal Post Cap
One For Each Terminal Post

2 -- Rail End
One For Each End Post
One For Each Gate Post
Two For Each Corner Post

3 -- Brace Band
One For Each End Post
Two for Each Corner Post
4 -- Tension Band
For Each End Post
Use 3 pieces for: 3' - Use 4 pieces for: 5' - 5 pieces for 6' (Same for Gate Post. Double for Corner Post.)

5 -- Line Post Top (ITOP)
One For Each Line Post

7 -- Gate Frame Hinge
Two For Single Swing Gate
Four for Double Swing Gate

8 -- Gate Post Hinge
Two For Single Swing Gate
Four for Double Swing Gate

9 -- Gate Fork Latch
One For Each Single Swing Gate

Top Rail Sleeve
1 for each length of plain end top rail. Not needed for swedged end top rail.

1 3/8 Gate Corner

Double Wheel
For Rolling Gate
6" and 8" Available

Two Way Caps
One Way Caps

Concave Adapter For Top Rail
Can be Attached to Two Way and One Way Caps

Barb Arms

End Rail Clamp

Track Bracket For Roll Gates

Single Bottom Wheel for Swing Gates

5" Track Roller
For Roll Gates

Gate Clip

1 5/8 Heavy Gate Corner

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